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The Access Firefox Project develops Firefox (and Mozilla Thunderbird) accessibility related add-ons and maintains AccessFirefox.org.

AccessFirefox.org was created with the goal of making it a Firefox accessibility web portal for end users. A place where persons with visual impairments, those without the best visual acuity, and others with certain cognitive disabilities could discover tools and resources that would allow them to take control of their Internet interactions by customizing the way that they view and access content.

While Access Firefox is not officially affiliated with the Mozilla Foundation or Mozilla Corporation, the project, site, and add-ons were created, and are maintained by members of several different Mozilla communities including the following.

Otto de Voogd: Co-owner / Site Technician
AccessFirefox.org co-owner. Website security and database setup and maintenance. Site troubleshooting and repair. Website coding and hosting account assistance, plus marketing, content contributions, and everything in between.

Michael Buckley: Uber Code Guru
Wrote all of the original base coding (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS) for AccessFirefox.org.

Baris Derin: Add-on Developer
Baris is the developer of the Theme Font & Size Changer add-on. It allows users to change the global font size and font family used for the user interface in Firefox.

After 5 years of looking for a developer willing to write a specific add-on that allows users to change the global font size in Firefox, Baris stepped up and agreed to create it (without any monetary compensation). He also implemented several other very useful features to it and added support for Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey.
Baris has 29 other add-ons that are worth checking out and using. You can learn more about them and get them through the following link.
Baris Derin on addons.mozilla.org

Lou Cypher: Page Zoom Buttons contributor
Greatly enhanced the functionality of the Page Zoom Buttons Firefox add-on (created by Access Firefox) by making it possible to zoom in and out of web pages, and reset back to default zoom all from a single toolbar button.

Ed Hume: Firefox Theme Author
Created the Firefox theme HiVis Large, the first ever specifically for Firefox users with visual impairments and the first contribution to the Access Firefox Project.
HiVis Large has been retired but Ed Hume still maintains several themes including large high contrast ones, low contrast ones, as well as several others.
Ed Hume on addons.mozilla.org

Frank Hecker: Former Mozilla Foundation Executive Director
Shared advice and opinions during the creation of Access Firefox. Mr. Hecker chose the name Access Firefox Project from a list of 4-5 possible ones. The original name was The Firefox Accessibility Project. He was also the first from Mozilla to give the ok on the site itself and to use the trademarked name (Firefox). A Mozilla Domain Name License was filed shortly after and a new one was issued in 2008.

Ken Saunders: Access Firefox Project Owner
Access Firefox Project and AccessFirefox.org creator. Add-on developer, site co-owner, project management, content creation, site design, graphics, support, marketing and PR.

Other Contributions

Stu Nicholls: Provided the original CSS (JavaScript free) navigation menu. Thanks Stu. Go check out his work!

Original and Current Supporters (in no particular order)

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Feel free to use the Contact Page for any questions or comments that you may have about Access Firefox.