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Michael Buckley is an 20 year old Australian university student who possesses many skills and talents in the fields of computing, programming, and web development. He maintains many projects but the majority of his time is spent working on the Firefox add-ons that he's developed most notably Toolbar Buttons which is a collection of more than 100 various toolbar buttons that adds extra functionality to Firefox and other Mozilla products.

In February 2007 after reviewing one of Michael's toolbar buttons for the Mozilla Add-ons site, I sent him an e-mail requesting that a particular toolbar button be made. We got to talking about Access Firefox and how inaccessible that it really was and he offered to help to completely rewrite the site so that it would be more accessible, pass validation, and be more standards compliant. We completed rewriting the entire site about one month later and that set up a great foundation for the Access Firefox that we have today.

Michael has selflessly spent a lot personal time working on Access Firefox in one way or another. He always makes himself available whenever site technical issues arise or there is a new feature that needs to be implemented into the site. I'm very fortunate to have him on the Access Firefox team as a lead contributor and I'm happy to call him friend. His contributions will benefit many people who visit Access Firefox, and for that and all of the hard work that he's done, I sincerely thank him.

Michael has recently started work on other areas of Firefox accessibility, namely ARIA where he is coding a number of examples of the use of this technology that allows screen readers to understand Internet applications. To see some of his examples visit his Accessibility information page.

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