Big Buttons The no squint nav bar buttons for Firefox

64x64 pixel Big Buttons navigation toolbar buttons

My name is Ken Saunders and I'm the developer of Big Buttons.
Big Buttons does not work in current versions of Firefox.
Keeping up with (coding) changes made to Firefox can be difficult, it is very time consuming, and at times, it's frustrating. But, Big Buttons is useful to individuals who like myself, have eyesight that isn't perfect so I am working to update it.
I am not sure when it will be ready since there is a great number of buttons/icons that have been added to Firefox since the last update of this add-on, and so I will need to locate and learn the coding of those, create the buttons for them, write the code for them, test and so on.
I apologize for the delay. I want Big Buttons to work as much as you do.

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Big Buttons provides large 64x64 pixels Firefox navigation toolbar buttons.
They're a set made up of a mix of original Oxygen icons, and new ones using Oxygen SVG elements.

Why (you may ask) would anyone need such large buttons? Lots of reasons.

  • They may have a visual impairment
  • They may not have perfect eyesight
  • They may have a cognitive disability
  • Perhaps they use high resolution monitor settings, or a wide screen
  • Because 20x20 pixel icons (default Firefox size) are just too small
Note: These were intended to be used in their default location (Navigation Toolbar). They can be placed on any toolbar but doing so will increase the height of the toolbar significantly so if you were to place any of the icons in the Tab Bar for example, the height of the tabs would increase.

Big Buttons is a Firefox extension and not a Firefox theme so they will work with all Personas, but it is recommended that you use them with the default Firefox theme.

Default Firefox toolbar buttons

default Firefox navigation toolbar buttons

64x64 pixel Big Buttons

64x64 pixel Firefox navigation toolbar buttons

Big Buttons installed
(click on either image to enlarge it)
full set of Firefox navigation toolbar buttons

Side Menu and Customize Firefox tab
set of Firefox navigation toolbar buttons

Get Big Buttons from the Firefox Add-ons site Big Buttons Add-on Logo

Big Buttons is developed for the Access Firefox Project by Ken Saunders