Colorful Tabs for Firefox

Colorful Tabs for Firefox
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Colorful Tabs for Firefox is a highly customizable add-on that makes each tab that you open a different color which makes tabs easier to distinguish from each other and it helps to make the active tab stand out against the background tabs.

The following is a listing of the available options which can be accessed by going to the Add-ons Manage > ColorfulTabs > Options. These may change from time to time according to the developer's maintenance schedule.

Colorful Tabs for Firefox Options General Tab
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  • Coloring Scheme >
    • Use Default Palette
    • Generate Colors At Random
    • Generate Colors By Domain Hostname
    • Color only the tabs you wants
  • Tab Styles >
    • Fading of unselcted tab.
    • Highlight the currently selected tab.
    • Blink the currently selected tab on hover/mouse over.
    • Enable context menu on the tabs
    • Enable coloring the All-Tabs-Popup menu.
    • Minify Tabs.
    • Background style for uncolored tabs...
    • Color of tab-label
    • Enable a background image for tabs

Colorful Tabs for Firefox Options Presets Tab
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  • Preset Domain Colors (assigns colors for individual websites)
    • Enable Preset Domain Colors

Colorful Tabs for Firefox Options Compatibility Tweaks Tab
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  • General Tweaks
    • Enable Tab Text Glow
    • Display the Tab-Stack below the tans...
    • Display Tab-Stack below the tabs (the thick colored line)
      • Compatibility Teaks
      • Aggressive Mode

Color Fine-Tuning
Colorful Tabs for Firefox Options Color Fine-Tuning Tab
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  • Colour Fine-Tuning Options
    • Enable Fine-Tuning Options

Tab Context Menu
Colorful Tabs for Firefox Options Color Fine-Tuning Tab
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  • ColorfulTabs >
    • Go To Current Tab
    • Add Domain Preset
    • Re-Color Tab
    • Reset Color
    • Options
    • Mini-Mode

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