Firefox Accessibility Extensions

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Firefox Extensions

Here is a listing of Firefox extensions that can greatly improve the way that you use and view the Internet. Not all of the Firefox extensions listed here were made for accessibility purposes, but they are all helpful in one way or another for those who may have specific needs in how web content is presented to them and how they interact with it.
All of the extensions listed are easy to install, learn, and use, and we've provided brief guides to introduce you to them that contains screen shots and links to download pages and other related resources.

Big Buttons

Sharp, colorful, and easy to see, large 64x64 pixel Firefox toolbar buttons.
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Theme Font Size Changer

Changes the font size in all windows, menus, toolbars, etc within Firefox instantly.
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Page Zoom Buttons

Toolbar buttons to control Firefox's full page zoom feature.
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Removes all of the extra page elements and noise on a web page allowing you to focus on the article, post, etc that you wish to read without being distracted by things that do not pertain to the main content, and presents the cleaned up page in a customizable, simple, and easy to read format. Reader is also a great tool to clean up pages for printing.
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The Noise Firefox add-on can play sounds for more than 20 browser events such as when opening a new tab or when a popup has been blocked. You have the option to specify a different sound of your choosing for each action and you can also create your own sound events.
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Customize the way that you view images in Firefox. Options include multiple zooming methods, image centering, and setting the background color that an image is viewed against.
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Colorful Tabs

A highly customizable add-on that makes each tab that you open a different color
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Web Developer

Here is an excellent extension that is not just for developers. Web Developer has over 150 helpful tools (including accessibility related ones) to use with Firefox.
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Offsite Add-ons Information

The following is a list of external links to other great and helpful add-ons for Firefox that we recommend. We are in the process of creating guides for them and as they are completed, they will be added to this page so be sure to bookmark us.

Format pages using the OpenDyslexic font and low contrast help. Open-Dyslexic is an open sourced font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia.

Default FullZoom Level
Provides several options for zooming in and out of web pages including separate ways to quickly zoom text only or full page zoom through toolbar buttons or status bar menu and provides a status bar magnification level display.

Web Slide Show
View images on a web page in full screen slide show format, or a single image in full screen. Options to have images fit the screen (increases visibility of small images), zoom in/out, set minimum image dimensions, and many more customization settings.

Image Zoom
Highly popular customizable image zooming extension accessible via right click. Zoom in up to 400%, fit image feature, auto-centering, and more. Each image can be viewed with different zoom settings instead of just full page zoom. Great for enlarging CAPTCHAS to solve them.

Allows you to customize zoom settings (both text and full page zoom), and foreground and background colors for each site individually. You can also create a global default to cover all sites that you visit.

Hyper Anchor allows you to bookmark the position of highlighted elements on web pages (text, images, etc) and when you click on that bookmark you'll be taken to not only the web page that you bookmarked but the location on the page of the highlighted element. This is very useful for when you visit web pages that are very long.

Wired Marker offers a permanent highlighter feature that provides the same functionality of bookmarking web page elements as Hyper Anchor does but it provides many more features and customization options such as automatic saving when capturing an element, customizable highlight colors, folder creation and management of highlighted elements and more.

Provides quick and easy one click activation of Firefox commands using a combination of mouse clicks and movements.