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About Reader

The Reader add-on for Firefox strips out unnecessary page elements down to the main content of a web page and presents it in a simple, clean, and very easy to read format allowing you to focus on the articles and stories (etc) that you're interested in reading without being distracted by all of the page noise and clutter that is found on most web pages. It's also a great tool for cleaning up pages prior to printing.

Web page before using Reader
web page before using Reader

Web page after enabling Reader
web page after enabling Reader

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Using Reader

There are three ways to trigger Reader to clean up the web page you're viewing.

Reader toolbar button
Reader Add-on Bar button

  • Toolbar Button: Right click on a toolbar > Customize > drag the Reader toolbar button to the toolbar of your choice. Click on the Reader button to active.
  • Add-on Bar Button: Click on the Reader button.
  • Keyboard shortcut:
    • Activate- Ctrl+Alt+F
    • Restore page to default view- Ctrl+R
  • Mac:
    • Activate- Cmd+Option+F
    • Restore page to default view- Cmd+R

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Customization Options

Enlarge Preview
Reader options panel

Reader provides an options panel accessible by right clicking on the Add-on Bar bar button, or by clicking on the arrow on the toolbar button that allows you to customize the appearance of pages cleaned up by Reader. There are 10 different foreground/background styles, 5 font choices, 5 font size settings, 7 margin settings, and 9 width settings. You can use any combination from the 5 groups, and your selections are applied instantly.

Options Toolbar

Reader's Options Toolbar provide 4 buttons to access some helpful functions.

Reader Options Toolbar

  • Mail This Page: Will open your default email client with the page's address inserted into the subject area.
  • Print This Page: Allows you to print the current (cleaned up) page.
  • Reader Options: Quick access to Reader's styling options.
  • Exit Reader: Exits Reader and restores the current page back to its default view.

To view the Options Toolbar, simply hover over the bottom center of the browser window.

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Screen Shots

The following screen shots are of the same web page with different customization settings.
Click on any image below to enlarge it.
You can cycle through all of the images by using your keyboard's right and left arrow keys, or by clicking on either the right or left hand side of an image (once it's enlarged).

web page before using the Reader Firefox add-on web page after enabling Reader web page after enabling Reader
web page after enabling Reader web page after enabling Reader web page after enabling Reader

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