Firefox Add-ons Installation Guide

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Installing Firefox Add-ons

Installing Firefox Add-ons is quite easy. Simply follow the steps below and in no time you'll be using your new extensions and themes.

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Learn how to install a Firefox add-on from a downloaded extension or theme file.

First, go to the Firefox Add-ons site and select the extension or theme that you would like to install.

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Click on the Add to Firefox button and the Software Installation window will appear after the add-on has been downloaded.

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After a brief countdown (takes about 2 seconds), the Install Now button will be active.
Click on Install Now.

Some add-ons (restartless ones), do not require restarting Firefox after installation.
For those, a small popup may appear notifying you that the add-on has been installed successfully.

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For other add-ons, when the installation has completed, select Restart Now.

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Add-on Options
Once Firefox restarts you will now be able to use your add-on.
Many add-ons provide new interface objects such as buttons, toolbars and various options.
See the Firefox Add-on Options page for more information.

Firefox Add-ons Manager

Customizing Firefox
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